The best decision I ever made! Lisa Gibilie takes time to know you and understand your needs. Lisa Gibilie was truly interested in my well being. She took time to review my medical history, ask pertinent questions and presented treatment options specific for me. I was hesitant and nervous at my first appointment (the needles were painless!) however, Lisa put me at ease with her wisdom and energy. Her office is welcoming and peaceful – that peaceful feeling carries into her treatments and I leave with a peaceful, relaxing energy. Her background in physical therapy provided additional knowledge for my acupuncture treatment. She also recommended herbs to take the place of synthetic hormones I had been taking for years. Lisa has been a Godsend for me. MM-7, Huntington Beach,
★★★★★ The Best for Stress Relief
Michelle E.
Lisa Gibilie’s office is a haven for relaxation and calmness. It is a small, comfortable office where I received one on one personal attention without any distractions. Soft, soothing music is playing in the background and the scent of aromatic oils provide a sense of well-being. Lisa has extensive knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine – she is very wise in the overall functions of the body and mind. She took time to understand my needs, explained why I was experiencing physical problems and how to take better care of myself. Each visit with Lisa lasted about an hour and included the application of needles and hands on therapy. For anyone who is hesitant about needles, it is a painless procedure and once the needles are in place, relaxation and a calm energy are felt throughout. Lisa also has valuable knowledge and suggestions for herbs and OTC supplements. I highly recommend Lisa and the AcuEnergize experience.


Hi Lisa,
Dorothy D.
Dorothy wrote: “Lisa, I will make a heart-felt endorsement. Any of you reading this who live in southern California, have chronic health problems, mental problems, or just emotional problems, look up Lisa Giliblie. If you have seen your physician, taken the medicine prescribed and still aren’t well, look up Lisa Gibilie. She is an outstanding acupuncturist and herbalist. If I still lived there I wouldn’t be taking two pills four times a day to manage my fibromyalgia. Che is a dedicated healer. I miss you Lisa.”

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