Life & Wellness Coaching

Life and Wellness Coaching

For the Body

Acupunturist Lisa Gibilie, Huntington Beach CaOften people come to me because, despite going for medical care and taking medication, they still do not feel as well as they would like. Many get frustrated because of limited face to face time with their physicians. They want alternatives to medications and also want to understand the “why” of their plan of care. Lifestyle and nutritional counseling are an integral part of my Acupuncture and Chinese Medical practice. This can be done in person for people in the Huntington Beach/Orange County area, or by phone or email. I am now offering this at the request of some of my patients who have moved, and am extending it to others who live outside the area.

Information is widely available on the internet, but it is often contradictory and confusing. Patients often come in with a shopping bag full of supplements, and they still don’t feel well. I can help you determine which are the best options for you, as well as screen for possible herb/supplement and drug interactions. I do not sell products and will not work with multi-level marketing programs, so I have no financial interest in any products or other treatments I may recommend.

I very often refer people back to their physicians of choice for further testing or treatment, when needed. I help them understand their conditions, and help them engage in a more fulfilling dialogue with their physicians so that they can get the answers and help they need.

I have helped a number of people pre- and post- surgery to enhance their recovery, as well as worked with Guided Imagery and Hypnosis to reduce pre-surgical anxiety and to enhance post-surgical recovery.

For the Spirit:

I encounter many people at important turning points in their lives. They may be initiating change, or are being forced (by illness, injury, or the economy) to make changes in their lives and lifestyles. We live increasingly busy lives in increasingly chaotic times. We become distracted and derailed from our true needs, our true path in life. We stay in our heads and minds at the expense of our hearts. Sometimes we need help in finding a spark of light and hope in a dark and difficult time. Sometimes we need help in finding our own inner spark and light.

We all have a place of inner peace and wisdom within. No one should make your choices for you, but you can be helped in accessing that inner wisdom and sorting things through. You can move from overwhelm to mindful action. The language of our subconscious and our souls is in metaphors, symbols, and archetypes. This is the language of Hypnosis, Guided Imagery and Astrology. This is the reason they can offer a very deep level of help and healing for those who choose to pursue these options.

Hypnosis/Guided Imagery – can help with anxiety, sleep, stress, pain management, healing, creative blocks, frustrating habits, and limiting beliefs.

Astrology Coaching – can help you understand your inner nature and cycles of time. There are times when we get a “green light” from the Universe, and other times when we seem stuck in place no matter what we do. Reviewing your individual birth chart can help you understand the bigger picture, your own motivations, your strengths and your weaknesses. It can help you decide if you should hold on or let go.

I am not a psychic and cannot predict the future. When you keep reaching outside of your own self for your answers you are giving your power away. The goal of the work we do together is to always point the way “home”-to your inner wisdom, to your connection to the Divine – which is self-affirming and empowering.

Peace to You and Yours

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